Some production processes require highly pure water, even completely demineralized. Such water is needed among others in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, electric, energetic (steam boiler water) industry, in labs, air conditioning devices etc.

DemineralizerFor the city water treatment and demineralization, the ion exchange technology is recommended.Using this method allows removing all ion substances dissolved in water. The ion exchange is performed in a double-tank system. The first tank contains strongly acidic cation exchanger, working in hydrogen cycle, the other one contains strongly alkaline anion exchanger, working in hydroxyl cycle. This requires the extension of the hydraulic installation with the systems for storage and distribution of NaOH and HCl, in order to regenerate the media and neutralize the regeneration sludge.

Demineralization is also used for sludge treatment in closed circuit.

Demineralization may be also conducted with reverse osmozis systems.

The other way for demineralization is using mixed media. Mixed media is the combination of ion exchangers - strongly acidic cation exchanger and strongly alkaline anion exchanger. Such process is performed in single-tank systems.

We use the media from the leading ion exchange resin producers: Purolite and Amberlite.

We propose the following system sorts:
- fully automatic - basing on required water conductivity;
- semi automatic - the system regeneration must be started by pressing a button, after exceeding the required water conductivity;
- manual - fully manual control.
As well as the continuous operation systems (Duet type)

Please find detailed information in the file below.