Closed Circuit Savage Treatment

We recommend the ion exchange technology in order to regain the chemical compounds and radically reduce the volume of water used. This technology used in the water treatment and demineralizationprocesses, as well as in the heavy metals or cyanides containing galvanic sludge treatment.

The use of our systems provides water consumption reduction by up to 95%.

Our water treatment media are produced by the leading producers of ion exchange resins: Purolite and Amberlite. The deionization tanks are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic and resist the pressure of up to 8 bar.

The demineralization systems may be used for demineralization of city water, as well as galvanic sludge treatment:

1. Treatment of the acidic sludge, containing Cu+2 or Ni+2 or Cr+3 or Zn+2, require three kinds of ion-exchange resins; the system contains threshold TDS meter for measuring water quality, as well as closed-circuit pump.

2. Chromic sludge treatment Cr+6 and Cr+3, as well as alkaline zinc or cyanide sludge treatment require four different kinds of ion exchange resins; the system also contains threshold TDS meter for measuring water quality, as well as closed-circuit pump.

The technology used depends on the specific processes, which are used in the electroplating plant.

Special heavy metal removing filters are used for sludge final treatment.


The time between regenerations depends on the galvanic bath and scrubber volume. The galvanic bath of 1,5 - 2 m3 and the scrubber of 1,5 - 2 m3 require the regeneration each 1-2 months, depending on the sludge composition.

The systems may be regenerated manually or automatically. The regeneration time is about 2-3 hours for one system. The regeneration produces about 30 - 50 liters sludge, which can be utilized or reused in the galvanic baths. This way the closed circuit for the heavy metals may be achieved.

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