Quality and environmental policy

The major aim of our Organization's activity is the production and regeneration of water filtration devices in a competitive way, still ensuring the required quality and environment protection.

We achieve the required quality and protect our environment by the means of:

- the engagement of the leadership and employees in the process of manufacturing products which meet the customers' demands;
- the introduction and maintenance of an integrated environmental and quality management system according to the PN-EN ISO 14001 and PN-EN ISO 9001 standards repectively;
- a constant improvement of the integrated environmental and quality management system;
- complying with the legal as well as other requirements our company has pledged to follow;
- a responsible and efficient resource and energy utilisation combined with minimized waste production and air emission;
- ensuring a free access to the data regarding the Company's influence on the environment;
- acknowledging the fact, that our strategic goals – positive economic results and market expansion – are to achieve only through quality and environment;
- a constant improvement of production process, aiming at increasing the quality of the offered products and improving working conditions in the production section.