Specialist Filters-color removing-humus compounds

Inside the soil there are constant changes in the organic matters constitution, which consist in partial decay of initial organic compounds (floral fragments) and secondary synthesis. The product of this process is soil humus, which gives the soil dark tint.

Humus compounds have complex structure. Due to their physical and chemical characteristics, they are very important for the soil formation. Nevertheless, their presence in the water makes it unsafe for drinking and industry.

In order to remove these impurities, we recommend using special, selective ion exchange sorbents. These resins are regenerated with salt (NaCl). The systems of this type should work constantly and be fully automatic.

Advantages of our humus compounds removing systems:

  • Corrosion-proof housing

  • Media lifetime till 20 years

  • High durability tanks

  • Fully automatic (time or volume control)

  • Low operating outlays

  • Water bypass in the control valve, making water flow during regeneration possible

  • Possibility to control the quantity of the salt, used for regeneration, ipso facto the quantity of water between regenerations

  • Short regeneration time

Please find detailed information in the files below.