Specialist Filters-nitrates removal

Ground waters, which are situated near leaking cesspools or agriculture areas, may be polluted with nitrates. These ions have negative influence on human organism, they may be the reason for ischemic heart disease and tumors.

Nitrates are most often removed from water with the use of selective ion exchange resins anion exchangers. These resins are regenerated with salt (NaCl). The systems of this type should work constantly and be fully automatic.

Another way of nitrate (as well as other impurities) removing is partial water demineralization with reverse osmosis systems.

Advantages of our nitrate removing systems:

  • Corrosion-proof housing

  • Media lifetime till 20 years

  • High durability tanks

  • Fully automatic (time or volume control)

  • Low operating outlays

  • Water bypass in the control valve, making water flow during regeneration possible

  • Possibility to control the quantity of the salt, used for regeneration, ipso facto the quantity of water between regenerations

  • Short regeneration time

Please find detailed information in the files below.