Water is necessary for both individuals and industry. Deteriorating water quality has caused its treatment one of the most important issues.

The most common water problem is the hardness, measured with the degree of calcium and magnesium ions dissolved. The compounds with these ions are the reason of scaling, which may cause (among other problems) energy loss of even 30 - 40%.

Our softeners' characteristics:

  • Fully automatic
  • Softener
  • Work in alternating or parallel system

  • Corrosion-proof housings with 10-year warranty

  • Media lifetime up to 20 years1

  • High reliability of the dozing systems for regeneration agent - longevity up to 3 years

  • Low operating outlays

  • Hardened, high-durability housing

  • Possibility to control the quantity of the salt, used for regeneration, ipso facto the quantity of water between regenerations

  • Water bypass in the control valve, making water flow during regeneration possible

  • Short regeneration time (up to 2h at night)

  • Best quality and reliability (warranty up to 3 years)

1Depending on iron contents in the water, its linear velocity and parameters

Please find detailed information in the files below.