EDI is a kind of pure water manufacturing apparatus that applies to ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology and ion electric migration technology. It is wisely combined electro dialysis with ion exchange technology, by using of high-voltage electrodes at both ends to drive charged ion in the water to move, and with the ion exchange resin and selective resin membrane to accelerate ions moving, so as to achieve the purpose of water purification. EDI has the features of easy operation and excellent environmental protection. It is a green revolution in high pure water producing.



1. Higher and stable quality water product
2. No need for acid-base regeneration
3. Continuous running, simple operation
4. Less requirements and cost in installation
5. Modular system, more flexible, easy to expand
6. No generation chemical waste
7. Reduced facility requirements
8. Low cost in running and maintenance
9. Easy to integrate into existing water systems
10. No recirculation-increased reliability

Feed water requirement

1. Resource: RO water, conductivity < 20 µ s/cm, better < 10 µ s/cm
2. PH:6.5-9.0
3. Water temperature:5-35°C
4. Hardness(as CaCO3) : < 0.5ppm
5. Organics: < 0.5ppm,TOC recommended to be O ppm
6. Oxidizers: < 0.5ppm,Cl2:0.05ppm,O3:0,02ppm,better both to be 0 ppm
7. Metals: < 0.01ppm
8. Silica: < 0.5ppm
9. Carbon dioxide: < 5ppm
10. Oil: not detectable

Please find detailed information in the file below.

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