Disinfection-UV Lamps

Waters that contain bacteria and viruses should be disinfected. It is necessary in the food industry, as well as in breweries, beverage bottling plants, fruit and vegetable processing plants. Disinfection is also essential in swimming pools, health resorts and sanatoriums, cooling systems.

The water should be disinfected until the water is free of pathogenic substances.

One of the most effective ways is using the UV lamps.

The parameters, which should be taken into account when choosing UV lamp:

    UV lamp
  • flow in 3/h

  • water clarity

  • water temperature and pressure

  • required disinfection efficiency, depending on the application of the lamp UV dose

  • free space for installation

  • permissible pressure drop

We offer the R-CAN branded UV lamps, with efficiencies from 0,12 m3/h up to 22,8 m3/h

Please find detailed information in the file below.

UV_lamps.pdf [802 KB]