Big Efficiency Mechanical Filters

So called pre-filtration is a necessary process in most water treatment plants. Pre-filtration may be performed by high efficiency, stainless steel sediment filters, which use the unique filtration technique, among others allowing to avoid the filter air pocketing. They may also be used to protect household appliances, industrial installations or heating systems, they are installed in dry-cleaners, restaurants, schools.


Characteristics of the FSS-series sediment filters:

  • high quality - the FSS filters go through special polishing process, which makes them highly corrosion resistant

  • solution of the filter air-pocketing problem - air can no longer stay inside the filter, due to the air release valve at the top of it. Air moves up the filter and is released through the drain together with water. Such construction of the filter eliminates the need of manual deaeration if the filter

  • high filtration capacity

  • modern cartridge structure allow water for constant contact with filtration factor. At the same time the filtration capacity is increased by the elimination of the air-pocketing problem

  • drain is placed below the feed channel valve, which prevents impurities from getting to the pipeline.