Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a natural process of separating water molecules from other substances, which may be dissolved in water. The semipermeable TFC membrane, which is the heart of the system, permits only the water molecules through. Together with sediment and carbon prefilters, very clear water, free of ion-organic substances, as well as of bacteria and viruses, can be achieved.

Reverse osmosis process does not demand regeneration. The extraordinary porosity of the membranes makes it the most effective way of water treatment.

The efficiency of RO systems is influenced by raw water quality.

Reverse Osmosis Systems of RO series are:

    Reverse osmosis
  • effective and tested way of water treatment

  • sets of membranes to reach the highest organoleptic and bacteriological parameters of the water

  • unlimited productivity

  • quiet operation

  • economical flow control. Thanks to the control valves the permeate stream and recirculation is effectively controlled

  • stainless steel membrane housings provide long and reliable operation

  • simple service

  • modularity of the product provides the possibility of increasing the system productivity by installing new membranes

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